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Hadn't realized the Def shut them out in the 2nd Half, until the gm was over
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Posted by JoeDaddy on 2013-01-20 15:00:36

In Reply to: The 9ers showed a lot of mental toughness today posted by Lawston on 2013-01-20 14:42:04

Pretty awesome turnaround on both sides of the ball, really.

They're just flat-out more talented than ATL and Ryan - as good as he is - isn't the caliber of QB to make the 9ets pay for only playing 1/2 the gm.

Flacco ain't either, IMO.

That being said, the Ravens Def has definitely shown the ability to shrink some of that OLine swagger in the past, the very same that we now more or less take for granted...albeit vs an abnormally beat-up and weakened unit in the first HarBowl (HarBowl I? Or Harbaughwl I? Err some s!@t).

Tobey (Jersey)
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Ric Bucher (1:50 PM)
-Not really.


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