28-7 from the moment Gore busted up the gut for 8 yards on 1st down.

The Pistol is a run-first offense, and is based on running North/South. If the ends stay home, which they did all day today, then this offense has to beat you with early-down passing and power runs.

I'm not a football guru by any stretch, but I did watch Nevada for a few years, and happened to see them twice here in person. They dominated (or close to it) the video-game WAC with a run-heavy attack. That;'s not to say that they got most of their yards on the ground, because I don't think they did. But the threat of the gut-buster is the heart of what they did.

The 49er version is similar. Today was the first time I'd seen the ends camp out permanently and stay home against them, and at first it seemed like Roman didn't know how to combat that. But once they remembered to just fuggin hit it hard with Gore, the whole game turned.

We'll see how that plays against Baltimore...plenty for both sides to be concerned about.
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