The Ravens just punched the Pats in the mouth - what a drubbing

After that hit to Ridley, it looked like the entire Pats offense from Brady on down had the primary goal of not getting hit the rest of the game and getting to the locker room in once piece. What a total domination.

Pats would have definitely been a better matchup for the Niners in the Superbowl - a bit more of the same ala the Packers and Falcons. Ravens are definitely more in the Seahawks/Giants mode - teams that match our physicality. That is going to be world war III - body parts will be on the field after the game. Will be an epic game.

For anyone who was hung up on Alex Smith... no way the Niners would have won today with him - or the SB in two weeks. Props to JH for having the sack to not give a crap as to what the armchair coaches were all whining about. Go Niners !
Posted by: Truth (233) on 13-01-20 11:45:25 | Advertiser

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