mt2: PG Stephen Curry kept it real about his sprained right ankle, concluding "it'll be all right."

Q: You’ve been through this a lot. Can you gauge how bad it is?
“I haven’t had a sprain in two-and-a-half months so my ligaments are as probably the healthiest they’ve been. Just have to wait and see how they recover.”

“I haven’t been in this situation for a while. I don’t know if it will be a fast or slow kind of deal just because after two surgeries and all that process, it finally had the time to cool down. So we’ll see tomorrow.

Q: Was it hard to watch your team turn it over so much?
“We write that on the board every game. For us to have a chance to win, we have to have quality possessions and not fuel other teams’ fastbreaks and give them transition buckets with turnovers. We started off the game a little hectic the first two or three possessions and I don’t think we settled down. Jarrett had a solid game getting to the basket and getting shots up, but it was tough for everybody else to get involved.”

Q: Are you game-by-game?
“Yeah. It’s the same kind of situation as I’ve been in before. Just a matter of how fast it will heal.”

Q: Could you have played tonight if you needed to?
“No chance. Hopefully that’s not a bad sign. Usually when I’ve sprained it before, it’s been (a situation where) I keep playing or bounce back fairly quickly. But after six hours, icing it all afternoon, it just didn’t have a shot tonight.”

Q: How’s your right knee?
“It’s all right. That might have been a blessing in disguise. I was really going to try to push it to play through that and I didn’t get a chance to really test it out. That’s why I was chasing down that loose ball in shootaround, just to give my knee a shot, let me know how it felt. I was kind of going a little overboard with my intensity this morning. So I don’t really know how it would’ve responded, to be honest with you. But I’ve got a couple more days to figure that out, too.”

Q: Will you be extra cautious?
“My ankle will speak for itself. I’ve been through this plenty of times. OI know that if I can have complete strength in all the tests we do and no soreness— that’s going to be my two guidelines.”

Q: Does it hurt to walk around on it now?
“It’s sore. Just a normal sprain. Ask any player when they sprain their ankle and they probably have the same sensations I’m having now. Obviously, I have a history with it so it’s going to be a bigger thing than normal. But right now, I feel like it’s just like anyone else who sprained their ankle the way I did it. Just gotta wait and see how it recovers"
Posted by: The prodigy (35) on 13-01-16 16:18:13

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  • mt2: PG Stephen Curry kept it real about his sprained right ankle, concluding "it'll be all right." The prodigy  13-01-16 16:18:13 (361 views)