naw man

just recognize when, for the first time in 15-20 years, things are on the right track

we have some real pieces, and are moving in the right direction

are we a championship level team? hell no ... multiple years, multiple moves before that

but my post was just about the schizo-fucking-phrenic nature of this board ... one game everyone on the team is an allstar and everyone is a homer ... the next game the sky is falling and everyone is a bust

that is what happens when people don't have real opinions, they just change their tune one minute to the next based on that night's outcome

cause most of this board is an <25 year old retard that lives with their parents
Posted by: dude (103) on 13-01-16 15:19:35 | Advertiser | Moderator
In Reply to: Well, you seem to be getting soft posted by gsfanatic1 on 13-01-16 15:16:42

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