It has been obvious that Jackson has blown it by not seeing what he has in Bazemore

It kind of pisses me off really. Bazemore has dominated summer league and we already know he has defensive potential. Bazemore should have received some spot minutes during some of those games where we had a 20 pt lead in the 3rd qtr. Instead, we tired out the starters and our opponents came storming back and we were LUCKy to have survived a few of those comebacks.

Either way, it is just bad coaching not to at least see what you have got when you are playing without a backup shooting guard anyway. Especially when Bazemore looked so good in D league that he was showing he deserved some backup minutes.

It shouldn't have taken until this game for Jax to open his eyes a little. Hell, Bazemore is better than he showed tonight and here the casual fan is thinking now he can play.

Pisses me off to not SEE in practice he can play..and not even find out what you have . Now, Tyler is a different story. He hasn't shown enough but i still think he should get a little look....but his game (i think it was Utah?) where he single handedly almost let them comeback was such an eyesore that he just isn't in the same ballpark as Bazemore so why even discuss him in this conversation. I just brought him up a little to say he hasn't shown he deserves a real shot while Bazemore has shown that he deserves that shot. Just show what he can do !!!!
Posted by: Warriors in 2014 (140) on 13-01-16 15:18:15 | Advertiser

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