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Bogut rumor origin
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Posted by Israeli warriors on 2013-01-16 04:32:05

Haha, I just told him that I knew the team was gonna sweep the Miami series, and that Thursday was a lock. He laughed and told me that “they got their a** whooped tonight by Utah, you know we got them. D Wade and Bosh had their a** on the bench in the 4th, hahaha”

Then I just asked when Andrew is coming back. He told me Wednesday and I asked “Really??” with my forehead all balled up and drunk smile. He said, “Yeah, wasn’t really a big deal cus we’ve been playing so good, and he was trying to keep it under wraps. But no, he’s ready now. He’s been putting it in.”

Then I thanked him for being a good leader and told him I hadn’t missed a game in 10 years and all that sentimental crap. He told me he appreciated it and shook my hand, told me he’d see me around. That’s it.




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