Yep, that's the super blaring answer. Also, I think convenience factor is a secondary element.

The author of the artcile keeps discussing "free" or "heavily discounted" tickets, but that's for total nosebleed seats in Detroit as they face the Bobcats. You want decent tickets to a decent team, you're getting very close to $100s.

Plus, it's just a kind of an annoying event. Much more involved than something like a movie when you factor in distance, parking, security, lines and the 50% chance you're sitting next to a shitbag.

HD televsion is just too good nowadays. Internet is too fast. I can watch it in crystal clear definition with replays of all the good shit and talk with you guys about it all game, all in the comfort of my home.
Posted by: Carla Beefcurtain (Warriors Superfan since 1984) (1212) on 13-01-16 00:52:52 | Advertiser
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