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I know the shock factor is the aim here, but you manage to make a good pt
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Posted by JoeDaddy on 2013-01-15 14:35:27

In Reply to: hmm.. i think the rox are in a better position than the ws to become a strong championship contender posted by jason bourne on 2013-01-15 14:00:15

About the Warriors being a bit pussy, at least.

No reason to totally dismiss the guys they have, but I'd like to add a dude not afraid to bang knees getting more minutes on this or any other future team.

They've played good old fashioned, hard nosed D at times this yr, but nobody around to chew bullets and spit 'em back out.

Tobey (Jersey)
-Buying a pair of pants is slightly different than playing in the NBA hoss.

Ric Bucher (1:50 PM)
-Not really.


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