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"the worst one" .. by who's definition, YOURS?
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Posted by The Lone Gunman on 2013-01-15 10:39:44

In Reply to: "We heard that Hansen and Ballmer were going to put out an outrageous number" NBA must be loving posted by The Golden One on 2013-01-15 04:21:38

When the Warriors go on a run of 8 consecutive years in the postseason AND win a Pacific Division title AND end a season with the best record in the league, let me know. The Kings did all that this century.

Until then, the Warriors are still below the Kings. So is Charlotte, New Orleans, Minnesota, Memphis, Atlanta, and several others.

What exactly have the Warriors accomplished the past 14 seasons? 2 playoff appearances?? Funny how all of a sudden you think the Warriors are so high and mighty. One good season this year and one good one a few years back doesn't trump what the Kings did for nearly a decade before their owners blew their wad.


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