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There's been 5 draft classes since the NBA instituted the requirement for players to play a year in college (I think, you'll probably want to check that though). There was uproar among players about the rule at the time but its an afterthought now.

My question is how does Barnes, as a former elite HS prospect feel about the rule? In retrospect, is he glad he had to go to college? Does he think it was a positive or negative? Does he think its unconstitutional or oppressive or racist? What does he think of the idea of extending the requirement to two years?

Wish I could be typing this on a keyboard instead of my phone but its a question I've been dying to hear answered by some of these guys who actually did it instead of the Kobe, JO, TMac etc guys who didn't go to college and ripped on the rule at the time. Obviously, do your best to make the question more succinct and less broad in the actual interview.
Posted by: Run BJM (10973) on 13-01-15 07:58:51
In Reply to: Harrison Barnes on the WW Podcast tonight, any questions for him? posted by Sheed on 13-01-15 06:25:42

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