Will Lakers make the Playoffs?

Over the past 10 years the average winning % of the 8th seed in the West is 55.7%. The lowest in that time was 51.2% and the highest is 61% (achieved twice). Right now LA stands at 39.1%. I will use the 55.7% average as the number LA needs to reach in order to make the 8th seed. This means the Lakers need a final record of at least 46-36. With 14 losses already in the books that leaves 22 losses max in order for them to make the playoffs. Looking at the schedule and assuming that LA beats every team with a winning % under .400, loses to every team with a winning % above .600, and splits 70-30 in favor of LA the teams between .400-.600 LA loses 25 more games, ending with a record of 43-39 or a .524 winning %. If LA gets into the playoffs with that record it will be the 2nd worse in the last 10 years.

They've lost to every elite Western team so far this season and are unpredictable against teams with losing records. They're also placing almost all of their hopes on a point guard who is headed towards the end of his career. They hired a coach who is known for offense when the main problem has been defense. They have a shooting guard who has been playing hero ball, going something like 2-8 against teams when he scores 30 or more. They have an injured power forward who has faded significantly since the Lakers won in 08 and a center who is supposed to be a defensive anchor who keeps getting beat by average centers. Notto mention, Jordan Hill out for the season. Oh, and they also are incredibly shallow past these starters and possess one of the weakest benches in the league.

Final prediction, LA misses the playoffs.
Posted by: loozballs (1072) on 13-01-15 07:41:48

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