Yeah, I was being sarcastic. Not enough, apparently.

Been fired up since the Bears game about Kaep at QB and what he means for the Niners both present and future. He made a handful of throws in that game I didn't know he was capable of, and I've had no doubt since that he's gonna be a very good QB in this league.

I knew he had a cannon arm, elite size and athleticism at the position, and at least a solid head on his shoulders. But I didn't know if he could read defenses, sense and avoid pressure, make accurate throws at various ranges both in the pocket and on the run, and limit mistakes while making plays.

So far, he's answered the bell big time in all aspects. And I don't see any reason to believe that won't stick. He really has all the tools, and the right people teaching him. Niners are in great hands for the next 5+ years if he can avoid any major injuries.
Posted by: Bopper (10222) on 13-01-15 06:17:09
In Reply to: He chose GBay to beat the 9ers posted by Blunder on 13-01-15 05:51:51

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