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Not at all, especially since they joined our division. But I do live near Seattle and the local
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Posted by BackseatGM on 2013-01-15 04:49:02

In Reply to: Just curious, are you a seahawks fan as well? posted by gswinsider on 2013-01-15 04:20:51

teams are the ones I'm exposed to by far the most, so I hear a lot of stuff that others on the board don't. But I will say that I'm quite impressed with Russell Wilson, both his play and his demeanor. He's an easy guy to root for and I definitely was rooting for the Hawks over the Redskins and the Falcons. And had Seattle won the right to play in SF on Sunday I'd have been rooting for them to lose 10 yards or more every play. I've been a Niner fan since YA Tittle and RC Owens; my loyalty is unshakeable.


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