Falcons had an easier schedule overall

49ers opponents this year were 132-122 while Falcons opponents were 128-126.

Atlanta was tough at home but right now people believe more in San Francisco when it comes to the bets.

They were basically a pick 'em at home against Green Bay with them getting just the 3-point home bounce with the line, and they smashed the Packers while the Falcons blew a big lead against Seattle and just barely won.

Aside from that, Atlanta only outgained the 49ers by an average of about 7 yards per game over the regular season while the 49ers allowed about 71 fewer per game.

The 49ers were the 4th best rushing team in the league while the Falcons were 4th worst, and Atlanta was 21st against the run while the 49ers were 4th. Passing-wise, the 49ers defense was better than the Falcons as well.

Atlanta had 31 takeaways to 18 giveaways so that was a plus for them, but the 49ers were just fine there with 25 takeaways to 16 giveaways.

Overall, there's good reason to favor the 49ers even with them playing in Atlanta.
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