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I don't like this whole 49ers being the favorites business
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Posted by willy d on 2013-01-15 03:59:36

We aren't the favorites... you've gotta be kidding me.

We are going to play on the road against the #1 seed with a rookie quarterback.

I know the hype machine went outta control with the way Colin played... but that does not make us FAVORITES...

Atlanta has the best record in the NFC and is playing at home. They should be the favorites.

We weren't favorites last week were we?? And we were at home against a team with a much worse record. 90% of the sports world had the Packers winning that game.

I'm highly doubting that's the message going on inside the 49ers locker room.

But I'm sure Atlanta is eating every bit of this up.

I think it's just another example of the media/Vegas getting in the way of the actual game...


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