I don't think philly does that deal. Klay can probably get a tyreke or rudy g type of deal

Funny how this board is showing off Klay's stats this year. Even his stats are awful. Terrible FG%,hideous pps, average at best rpg, low ft rate, or assists. Then you throw in his efficiency numbers and you see he's not having a good year. It's easy to put up points when you play 35+min and shoot 14 a game. Even a 36 year old vince carter is putting up better numbers in 1/3 less playing time. Tyreke and Gay have warts, but overall they are better players.
Posted by: gswinsider (69) on 13-01-15 01:48:24 | Advertiser
In Reply to: I like Klay for Evan Turner even more. posted by gsfanatic1 on 13-01-15 01:43:15

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