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I tuned in with just over 2 left, and got to witness 4 consecutive *terrible* decisions by Fox.
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Posted by altamont on 2013-01-15 02:33:26

In Reply to: john fox has lost his marbles posted by mullyasadanoguac on 2013-01-14 23:09:45

1.Short yardage to ice a trip to the AFC Champs, you give the ball to your best player. One of the very best QBs ever in short yardage situations. FAIL.

2. Having failed at that, you have to punt. There is no reason to call a timeout with one second on the play clock before you punt the ball, so definitely make sure you save all 3 of your timeouts. Just in case, you know, something unexpected happens and you have a long field and a short clock, you would still have Peyton Manning and 3 time outs. FAIL.

3. Ok well s!@t. You blew two straight tactical calls and you have to fire your free safety. But you do still have half a minute, two timeouts and Peyton Manning. And it is the playoffs and you only need about 50 yards. So, ahh...there is no tomorrow?

4. Ok that was 3 and not 4. But really. Itʻs the NFL playoffs! These are the decisions theyʻre paid for, and Fox straight blew three in a row with everything at stake. Not in hindsight, but at the time.




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