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These games are really big... all of them...
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Posted by willy d on 2013-01-15 01:51:35

In Reply to: In all honesty, it is important to find out if bazemore can play posted by Warriors in 2014 on 2013-01-14 17:42:40

If he can't crack the rotation in practice, I think it's tough for Jackson to have faith that he is the best person to be out there when it really counts.

You're right, he might get more playing time elsewhere, and he has a lot of potential and room to develop. That's why we are lucky we have the d-league so close. He can essentially get playing time while still practicing with the main team.

I don't think the W's want to lose him for nothing, but I think he's gotta play his way onto the court, not just be handed an opportunity.

We've seen it happen a million times, and it's currently seeing it with Draymond... when guys are ready you can't keep them off the court. And like you say, he has pieces that complement this team really well, so I know they would be really happy if he would seize the opportunity.

I suppose that's a decent analogy... I'd rather Bazemore get Green like chances for playing time than Harrison Barnes type chances. He isn't a top 10 pick. And even those guys shouldn't just get handed anything, in my opinion.

Perhaps I'm missing the point tho? Not sure what you mean about "deserves a shot" because wouldn't you say really he's getting a shot everyday just by being on the team?

I don't think he's in the doghouse or anything. I think he has a chance, but hasn't yet forced Jackson to keep him on the court.


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