Is Klay's jumper closer to Marco Belinelli's or Steph Curry's?

That's the big question that can't be answered for a couple more years.

I'd suggest to Klay that he focus on taking good shots. And if one is not available move the ball. Otherwise his percentages will resemble those of Marco's at the end of the year.

He's got nice form on his shot. Quick release. But there have been a ton of forced shots. And I like the drives, but he ain't ready to finish most of them.

Work-in-progress. Not untouchable like some seem to think. Still a good prospect. Jackson needs to tighten the leash a bit though.
Posted by: gsfanatic1 (10284) on 13-01-15 00:07:46 | Advertiser
In Reply to: No - apparently KT is a combo of Jordan, Allen, and Miller... posted by E-Doh (formerly E-Damp) on 13-01-15 00:01:44

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