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My opinion is that Bogut turns Harrison into an all star type player the moment Bogut is healthy
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Posted by Warriors in 2014 on 2013-01-14 14:58:50

Lee and Bogut are both terrific passers but right now we are playing 4 on 5 every possession. Sometimes when Draymond is in there we are playing 3 on 5 which is kinda funny.

However, when Bogut returns you cannot leave Curry or Klay open so after pick n roll someone will be left open all the time and it'll be Harrison Barnes. And i think he is now READY!

As soon as Bogut gets healthy, you are going to see Barnes athleticism take over way way more. He'll just make a cut and Bogut will just hand the ball off to him and it'll be like Sabonis to Marciulonis on the Grateful Dead team or even more deadly was that combo in '88 when they crushed David Robinson and company.

Back to my point, Barnes is going to go freaking OFF when BOgut gets healthy (i know...IF IF IF he gets healthy).

Please give the Warriors a big break for once once once. Bogut healthy would be incredible for this team.


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