Who do you prefer @ sg? Klay, Afflalo, DeRozan Tony Allen or even

At this point in time i'd say Afflalo or DeRozan would be an improvement even though i like Klay's potential.

My worry or concern is that i'm not sure that Klay's attitude and demeanor is a good pair w/Curry.

Another possible option is to move Curry to shooting guard but that is risky! Rondo and Curry could work if you really wanted to move Klay to Boston. I would not go there personally.

Personally, I'd really like to see Bazemore play a couple games...
Seriously. I'm not calling anything as we just don't know as he is as raw as they come. But he does have defensive 'potential' and he is playing very well in D League and he does have that swagger that you kind of need next to Curry.

Prior to trading anyone, lets see if Baze can give us something at backup sg or even backup sf instead of forcing Klay into that role in a Jack, Curry & Klay lineup. The good news is that Harrison Barnes is setting up to have a monster 2nd half to the season!
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