I generally agree with you, but aren't the warriors better defensively

at the 2 than they were with Montay?

Montay played the passing lanes better, Klay can move on his feet really well and with his length challenges shots well. That and his three point shooting I like, which is why I don't think we should just trade him to trade him.

The whole point of trading Montay was to give more shots to the team as a whole, not have some role player take away shots from Curry, Lee, Landry, Jack and Barnes. If it's a wide open three, that's fine but the kid can only drive left and can't really finish at the basket consistently.
Posted by: upside (10832) on 13-01-14 12:40:08 | Advertiser
In Reply to: "There's no doubt that Klay is already a helluva player as West states." Uh, yes, yes there is lol posted by Lawston on 13-01-14 12:22:27

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