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Things I believe to be true about Klay
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Posted by Steven on 2013-01-14 13:32:05

In Reply to: "There's no doubt that Klay is already a helluva player as West states." Uh, yes, yes there is lol posted by Lawston on 2013-01-14 13:22:27

1. He's fine as a spot-up shooter

2. As your 5th best player or so, you are fielding one hell of a team

3. He will continue to improve, and likely have a better 3rd year than 2nd year

4. He bought into his own hype after 2 good months of basketball (or however long). it didn't help that both West and Jackson blew up Klay's hype. They were talking about him like he was a star in the making... simply put, Klay bought into the hype and it's hurt him

5. Although I don't want to put a ceiling on his overall prospects, it's pretty clear he's not the stud some of us thought he might evolve into. Scale back expectations, and I guarantee by the middle of next season people will like Klay again... provided he improves in any degree and cuts back on his horrible shot selection

6. He's still a solid 11th pick in a fairly weak draft. In fact, thinking of him as the 11th pick helps... I think too many of us, myself included, got wrapped up in believing he must have been a top 5 pick, based on how he finished out last season in garbage games on a team that was clearly tanking


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