"There's no doubt that Klay is already a helluva player as West states." Uh, yes, yes there is lol

He has not played well this year. That's just a fact.

"His shooting might limit his otherwise star potential." Yikes. He has no star potential other than shooting.

I like Klay. I was happy when they drafted him and I still like him as a prospect. But let's not just make up things to support an agenda. He hasn't been good this year.

I'm also not sure where this idea comes from that's he's a good defensive player. Statistically the Warriors are a worse defensive team when he is on the floor. Those stats are backed up by just watching him. He is not a smart defensive player at this point, either individually or in the team concept.

I don't want to get into the 8,000th argument about Monta Ellis but Klay is pretty far away from being a good 3/4 option on a good team like Monta was in '07/'08 so the argument that Klay "is an upgrade in nearly every facet of the game" over Monta is questionable at best.
Posted by: Lawston (18677) on 13-01-14 12:22:27
In Reply to: The Klay Dilemma posted by Sheed on 13-01-14 12:05:12

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