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thats deep
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Posted by mullyasadanoguac on 2013-01-14 13:11:29

In Reply to: There's a big difference between being realistic and being a homer posted by Flashfire on 2013-01-14 12:11:07

Your team is making NFL history right in front of your eyes and you two binary noodleheads are wracking your brains for logical ways to justify predicting a loss in the biggest game in twenty years to a team we already beat with one half of Justin smith. I'm sure fans did that to Montana and Walsh on their rotary land lines too. And I'm not saying you aren't fans. Just saying you are douchy ones for posting that s!@t because it goes against the mentality the players and coaches must have to win anything meaningful. And also because you both have been overly critical since training camp a year ago. Go niners


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"If we're so able to vividly remember the worst a man did, can't we also remember the best?" - Rick Reilly January, 2012


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