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He should have very few isolation plays set up for him
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Posted by upside on 2013-01-14 13:10:51

In Reply to: The Klay Dilemma posted by Sheed on 2013-01-14 13:05:12

He should shoot coming of screens, catch and shoot and only take a dribble or two MAX.

Klay Thompson can only go left and his BBIQ is bad, at this point I'd say this is more on the coach's than him, he needs to be reigned in.

The kid doesn't know his role and all that rookie of the year garbage Jackson said last year was not good.

"I'm an average athlete, only offer one skill...blocking shots and I'm horrifically ugly, you look at me longer than 4 seconds and you will want to swallow your tongue.

Forget Greg Monroe, Larry Sanders and Paul George, draft me. I'll be a good fucking trivia question one day."


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