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I really don't get why fans have to predict their team is going to win every game to be real fans
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Posted by Lawston on 2013-01-14 11:58:37

In Reply to: thats so douchy posted by mullyasadanoguac on 2013-01-14 11:49:06

I'm a 49ers fan so I'm just supposed to predict they go 19-0 every year? That's retarded. What, are we parents talking about their kids here? Eveything they do is the best?

I'm more interested in honest analysis and discussion than trading go 9ers high fives with people.

Not to mention I just think the Patriots should be the favorites to win it. That doesn't mean I think the 49ers have no shot. I think the 9ers will beat the Falcons, the Patriots will beat the Ravens, and the Patriots are a slight favorite to beat the 9ers. But I could absolutely see the 9ers winning it all.


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