You're just gonna go down in flames with this, eh?

Dude, you are in the bleachers at Pac Bell and we are all watching a young Barry Bonds. And you are the old dude in the Dodgers jersey claiming he will never be as good as Kirk Gibson... what can you possibly expect??

Let go of it my friend. Choose your battles a little more wisely.

You are actually way better than this, and you know it. You know football. Better than most.

I know you backed yourself into a corner, and perhaps I'm not the first person to call you super stubborn(?) but your only hope really is that CK lays a stinker next Sunday. Sure, it could happen. But he's here to stay, and you know it. Maybe you take Cam Newton... maybe... nobody else on that list tho.

If you want to keep your job as a GM. Did Aldon Smith win the game on Sunday? Have you actually watched Colin play?

You insult the Patriots more than the 49ers, whom Colin already baby powdered, diapered and put to bed in their own crib, when you insult him and/or the 9ers, at this point.

Nobody seriously talks much shit about Tom Brady. It's pointless. Dude wins superbowls and if he loses any of 'em, one of the highest paid supermodels on the planet will be there to make him feel better.

Colin's not there yet, of course, but he is heading in that direction and you gotta at least let it go and enjoy what you are watching, if you are actually watching it...

Dude's playing insane football.

I went to the bathroom during the commercial before his 56 yard TD run... and missed the whole damn scoring drive in 45 seconds.

It's crazyness Buzz. Enjoy the show my man.
Posted by: willy d (558) on 13-01-14 08:33:43 | Advertiser | Moderator
In Reply to: Unless they are all much better players, which they are posted by buzz on 13-01-14 07:51:00

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