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You're saying that this will be the lineup when (if) Bogut returns, right?
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Posted by statsman on 2013-01-14 08:51:55

In Reply to: Helathy, so? Curry, Jack, Thompson, Lee, Bogut. there u go. posted by small rebounder on 2013-01-14 08:46:00

Just checking because sometimes I don't know what the f!@k you are trying to say or point you are trying to make.

I bet you $50 donated to this forum ( that if Bogut returns this season to play 20+ mpg, that your suggested lineup will not be the starting lineup.

I am out of work, so giving up $50 is not being taken lightly here. Besides, for all of the crap you throw at the forum, might as well make you a "Site Supporter". :)


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