If I am owner like Mark Cuban who wants go deep into playoff or champ,, I would never hire guys like

jerks like Don nelson or Insecure Smart@ss wannabes like MArk Jackson or Keith Smart.

I would hire someone who would do it and play it the right way.
Someone who's good at building a half court executing teams.

Thunders and Spurs are top western team they don't have a dominant post player(Duncan is longer the leading role), but they good at half court.

No Gimmicks, No shortCut! No Bullshit!
Jerry Sloan would be my top candidate.
Posted by: small rebounder (14329) on 13-01-14 06:48:04
In Reply to: I have a theory of black coaches like smart n mark jackson using smallball to show they are creative posted by small rebounder on 13-01-14 06:15:12

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