The national media's handling of the whole Kaep situation is media at it's very worst

Three days ago on ESPN, NFL networks, national radio shows.... 100% of the dialog was all about "Did Harbaugh make the right choice subbing out Smith for Kaep? Will Kaep be the reason they lose and the niners pay the price for that decision, what did Smith do to lose his job, etc.?".

Today, it is now "Can the 49ers be beat with Kaep as the QB? Is his skillset the official model for all new QBs?".

Holy crap - are these guys only 'in the moment' or what? I guess the measure is literally your last game.

Clearly, those guys were not paying attention when Kaep roasted the bears and stood up to Brady and Brees. And now, have ordained him the next coming based off his first playoff game.

Michael Irving, to his credit, had the quote of the pre-game weekend. When all the BS about Kaep was going on pre-game... he said "it is amazing how much more we love Alex Smith now after he was sent to the sideline". Bingo. It cracks me up to think that Alex Smith would be able to "hang" with Ryan and Brady as this thing advances even deeper.

Risk adverse, in the moment media. These guys would make horrible coaches.
Posted by: Truth (233) on 13-01-14 06:23:32 | Advertiser

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