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I have a theory of black coaches like smart n mark jackson using smallball to show they are creative
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Posted by small rebounder on 2013-01-14 07:15:12

back then some folks have labeled as don nelson as innovative and genius for using smallball to create mismatches.

So, folks like Keith Smart and Mark JAckson picking it up and trying impress folks by getting to slots of being "innovative" through smallball.

It's not just Bogut injured and therefore they had to play that brand.

No! Right at the get go when they landed the coaching job, they immediately implement smallball.

Bascially, Keith Smart and MArk JAckson those black coaches trying to get into the slot being "innovative" Just trying to look Smart in front folks.

Basically, I think that' s LAME on their approaches.

Mark Jackson's Curry-Jack-Thompson and Keith Smart's Isiah thomas, marcus thorton-T evans 3 guards lineups are looking more more ridiculous.

When Bogut is back , Jackson would still use the 3 guards next to Lee and Bogut. And Smart's 3 guards next to Cousins and thompson.

LAME! SmartAss WANNABES for INSECURE Black Coaches!


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