Isn't it kinda funny we even have to debate this...

Sure, he hasn't been the best player on the team in the past couple weeks... and he ends up trying to force getting back on track.

But he is fine.

Or, maybe he's not. He's really not that hard to replace, if he doesn't pan out. But I don't think you would effectively get enough for him at this point to risk the potential that he might break out really big. Or at least be a very decent, near all-star level, guy who can go for 30 any night and isn't somebody other teams can just target on the defensive end.

That kid's got icewater in his veins and for some reason seems to have a chip on his shoulder against just about everybody for whatever reasons.

He's no Mike Dunleavy, that's for sure.
Posted by: willy d (558) on 13-01-14 02:58:32 | Advertiser | Moderator
In Reply to: we shouldnt trade Klay, he's only on year 2...if at least... posted by the w's on 13-01-14 02:19:59

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