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How much better is the team with this lineup?: Curry/Iggy/Barnes/Lee/Bogut (if ever)
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Posted by ☺cráshbránman™ on 2013-01-14 03:31:25

Championship contender imo. No joke. Trade Klay to denver, Iggy coming up on the last year of his contract and can opt out to get longer one. I don't know if Denver wants to resign him but he fits better with us than them. Klay another contract to match salaries gives them another player on a rookie contract that could start for them and they atleast get something for iggy if he opts out and leaves.

A Curry/Iggy/Barnes/Lee/Bogut lineup would be beast. We have good passing, shooting, defense and finally athleticism with Iggy and Barnes running on fast breaks. Most balanced team in the league imo next to the grizzlies.

Our Curry, who arts in splashing,
Hallowed be thy 3,
Thy Draymond come,
Thy games be won, on Earth as it is in Oakland.
Give us this trey our daily lead,
And forgive us for our poor passes,
As we forgive those who poor pass against us,
And lead us only by a few points,
only to be delivered by Threesus. Klaymen.



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