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I think you nailed the Million-Dollar question. What is Bogut's status?
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Posted by KDP on 2013-01-14 02:34:55

In Reply to: Lee is just tired. Myers better look for a big man. No way they stick with Ezlei and Landry!!!!!!!!. posted by Gerry East on 2013-01-13 16:12:53

Clearly, Warriors management should have the best pulse on the answer to that question. And one would think logically that such knowledge would dictate what short-term moves they might consider.

If they were to go after another C, I'm not sure how you could read that other than that Bogut's return is truly unknown, or at least some ways off (as in perhaps a month or more).

It also seems to say that they know Jeremy Tyler is not ready for meaningful minutes. That's a nice big body sitting on their bench, but he never sees the floor except for garbage time.


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