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Points in the paint: DEN 58, GSW 32
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Posted by Flashfire on 2013-01-14 00:26:57

In Reply to: Last night was FTs that won it for Denver posted by slipup on 2013-01-13 22:36:48

Shots at the rim: DEN 25-40, GSW 13-18
Shots from 16-23 feet: DEN 5-10, GSW 12-25

The rest of the locations, including 3-pointers, were all within 3 shots attempted when you compare the teams.

If you're wondering why Denver shot more free throws, start by looking at the points in the paint and how many more times Denver took shots close to the rim for your answer compared to how many more jumpers the Warriors took.

The Warriors also gave up 14 offensive rebounds while getting 6 of their own, plus they turned it over 18 times to Denver's 8.

That should help you figure it out.



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