RAPM cant differentiate clutch and not, and clutch is where Jack has been key

BTW, and I'm 99% sure I've told you this already, RAPM is not a yearly reset statistic. It's continued from years prior to give an accurate assessment of what to expect from a player. You cant just look at RAPM and make an evaluation, you have to know what his role was from his team. You have to know whether his team was good or not.

He started on a bad team, thus likely had a lower RAPM. Also, he's a fringe starter, so he probably wasn't ranked that high to begin with. Tearing up backups, for the most part, isn't going to shoot his RAPM #s up. He's steadily gone up this year. If you want to see how he's doing individually this year, you take his current RAPM and subtract his finishing total at the end of 2012. It's not precise, but if you only want to measure one year, its much much closer than the general RAPM #.
Posted by: PNQ (15699) on 13-01-12 03:00:51
In Reply to: Not sure RAPM is the best player evaluation metric: it has Jack showing as a total non-factor posted by AllWeatherFan on 13-01-12 02:56:01

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