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Creates shots like Monta too... he just got hot. Wasn't getting great looks
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Posted by PNQ on 2013-01-12 03:31:56

In Reply to: Lillard is like a young Monta, score 37 with 0 ft's posted by Nelleavy on 2013-01-11 19:13:37

But he has some serious scoring potential. But a PG? lol... he's a Pacers' PG, all but one of his passes were outside perimeter passes that stayed safe. That's why the Blazers jack up 3s and depend on his offense - they have no one to create solid looks for them.

But if he can shoot/slash like that, he's still worth investing in. Find a big 2 that can handle and create some, and that's a deadly combo.

That all said, we're almost certainly looking at an improved version of Brandon Jennings here.


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