Paddy Power offers on Lance Armstrong's first cliche

Lance Armstrong's First Cliche
Wednesday 16th January 2013, 22:00
Lance Armstrong's First Cliche

Allegations 5/2

I lied 12/1

Donation 25/1

Doping 7/2

Lawyer 12/1

I'm proud of my career 33/1

Tour De France 5/1

Livestrong 14/1

I took a heap of drugs 35/1

Cheat 6/1

Pat McQuaid 16/1

I'm high right now 90/1

UCI 7/1

It wasn't my fault 25/1

When the Tour de France champion does it, that means it is not illegal 125/1

Come clean 9/1

Hatchet job 25/1

I did not have sexual relations with that bike 250/1

Stripped 10/1
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