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Paddy Power pretty much has it covered.
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Posted by starburst on 2013-01-12 01:48:23

In Reply to: Are there odds in Vegas as to whether or not he starts bawling? posted by MG in LA II on 2013-01-11 18:46:25

Markets Offered
Lance Armstrong's First Cliche

Number of times he says 'sorry'

Monday 14th January 2013, 18:00
Oprah Interview Specials

(Must be a confession to using drugs that were on a banned list during his professional competitive career)r (must have been banned at time of use, must be made clear by LA)Singles Only. Armstrong must confess to using PEDs that were banned at time of use. tears must be visible. Framed jerseys must be visible.

To confess to using banned performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career 1/20

To accuse another professional cyclist by name of taking performance enhancing drugs illegally 1/4

To cry tears during the interview 2/7

To be interviewed in a room with the framed yellow jerseys 3/1

To deny outright that he has ever used performance enhancing drugs in any way at any time 16/5

To make an apology to Paul Kimmage during the interview 5/1

To wear a yellow short or tie 9/1

To jump up and down on the sofa 20/1

It's Not About The Bike to be included in Oprah's book club 25/1

Crop Circles of Sebastopol


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