"Potential" - maybe. She doesn't know enough about doping in cycling

to thoroughly interview Armstrong. But at least her producers are trying to learn and develop the questions. The show has come under a lot of heat from people who know the score who are extremely skeptical about the venue (not exactly 60 minutes), Armstrong's motives and her ability to interview him, so that might be the reason for this:

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (4h)

Oprah Winfrey is trying to get up to speed on LA. Her producer Jenna Kostelnik has spoken with Kathy LeMond, Betsy Andreu and yours truly.

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (4h)

Oprah producer Jenna said she wanted to know the questions we would ask LA. It seemed a laudable attempt to become better informed.

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (4h)

In relation to Oprah's interview with LA, knowing right questions is one thing, knowing the questions that follow the answers is another.

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (4h)

Jenna Kostelnik did say she and others involved in Oprah show were reading SDS. I also believe they were trying to speak with Travis Tygart.

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (3h)

At 6pm today I will post something on this twitter page that will amuse and be of interest to many. And yes it does relate to you-know-who.

David Walsh ‏@DavidWalshST (2h)

More information coming my way suggests that @Oprah backroom team is seriously trying to ensure right questions are asked.
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