agree with your points

* barnes is a 20 year old rookie and has a prototypical SF body and game ... all the boxes are checked on him, except maybe aggression ... but seriously - a 20 year old rook showing what he has is impressive and on a path to be a very solid starting NBA SF ... my gut says he'll never be a star or an allstar (maybe once or something but not perennial) ... i think he lacks that killer instinct / aggressiveness ... but could be like a sean elliot type of player - very solid in all facets, a starting player on a very good playoff team - can't ask for much more in a draft where we almost had no pick

* i've always been first in line on the klay bandwagon - 6'7 SG who can shoot lights out and have decent D? as a 2nd year? yes please

* and we haven't even had bogut, a top 5'ish NBA center - we're starting a fucking rookie center ... add 25-30 minutes of bogut, even bogut at 75% - and that is a major upgrade on an already very solid team

add in new arena fever and some big contracts coming off the books and the future is brighter than it has been maybe ever (well, the season starting with hardaway, spree, mullin, owens, webber would have been fucking amazing until hardaway blew his knee and then it all went to shit)
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