MUST READ: The next 10 games will tell the tale. Any predictions?

6 of 9 on road and Heat, Clips & Thunder at home.

@Denver Nuggets (13-2 at home)
Miami Heat (best team in the East by far)
@San Antonio Spurs (15-2 at home)
@New Orleans Hornets (3-0 over last 3: @Dallas, SA & Houston; back end of road B2B)
Los Angeles Clippers (oh, joy)
Oklahoma City Thunder (10-5 on the road)
@Chicago Bulls (5th best in the East)
@Milwaukee Bucks (8th best in the East, back end of road B2B)
@Toronto Raptors (won 9 of last 12)
@Cleveland Cavs (Kyrie Irving, back end of road B2B and 4th game in 5 days on this road trip!)
Posted by: The Black Falcon (11544) on 13-01-11 15:17:00

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