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Klay isn't close to the shooter curry is imo. Curry could miss 5 in a row and the not miss the next
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Posted by ☺cráshbránman™ on 2013-01-11 04:57:50

In Reply to: I like him and am not at all disappointed in his progress. Sure, I'd like him to make every open 3 posted by BackseatGM on 2013-01-11 04:54:00

5 shots. If klay starts out like that you can mark him down for a bad shooting night.

Our Curry, who arts in splashing,
Hallowed be thy 3,
Thy Draymond come,
Thy games be won, on Earth as it is in Oakland.
Give us this trey our daily lead,
And forgive us for our poor passes,
As we forgive those who poor pass against us,
And lead us only by a few points,
only to be delivered by Threesus. Klaymen.



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