I like him and am not at all disappointed in his progress. Sure, I'd like him to make every open 3

but what's obvious is that he's got the green light to shoot it at any time he's open and that's because the coaches get to see him everyday at practice or shootaround and they know he's lights out when he's got some room. Last year some of the Warriors said he was the best 3 point shooter on the team in practice (that was before Monta left and Klay started playing more). Considering Curry and Rush, that's saying something. I think he's a smart player who knows the game and sees the floor and does the right thing more often than not. He's not a guy who's going to carry a team - you don't draft that guy at 11 unless you're really lucky - but he's a good guy to have spotting up whenever the ball goes down low. And he's not a one trick pony; he can drive, pull up, or hit the open man. What's impressed me most, after watching him play at WA State, is his effort on defense. He's not a gifted defender but he's willing to bust his ass. The Curry/Thompson backcourt might not work out if it wasn't for his defensive effort. I think there's little doubt they are the best shooting backcourt in the league. Either one could win the 3-point contest and it wouldn't be an upset.
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