Klay is hard to figure out imo. I like his defense at the 2 spot but not at the 3 where he gets out

muscled. Then on offense right now he is basically a spot up shooter, well besides last game somehow. His finishing his horrible at the rim, just awful. He isn't as dynamic or good a shooter as Curry is so he can't get away with just taking out side shots all the time. His FG % will continue to be low unless he becomes a better finisher at the rim. I like that he can get there, but he just can't finish, at all. He will eventually be passed up by Barnes as a higher option in the offense if Klay doesn't improve his finishing like I said. Another thing that bothers me is he can't take advantage of smaller guys guarding him right now. Nash and Jason Terry are recent examples. Curry had the bigger guy on him and Klay couldn't even take advantage, frustrating.

With all that being said I still really like Klay and I wouldn't trade him. I will say it again, he really really needs to work on his finishing at the rim cuz he can't just jack up shots on the perimeter like Curry and still shoot a high %. If he can't improve his role in the offense needs to be reduced a lot and Barnes upgraded to a bigger role. I see this happening in the future regardless, Barnes just has a higher ceiling.
Posted by: ☺cráshbránman™ (19993) on 13-01-11 03:48:24
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