I still like Klay, but I think he won't step up until we play more of an inside outside game

If Bogut can come back, I think that will help. Not that Bogut demands a double team, but he does garner some attention and he's a good passer out of the post.

Also, I think Klay will do better the more we push the ball. Tons of good looks in transition.

I don't like Klay as guy running 100 MPH off picks and catching and shooting. Although he can knock a shot like that down on occasion and there is a time and place for that play call, it's not typically a high percentage shot.

So whether it's Bogut coming back or one day this team getting a superstar who can demand double teams, I think Klay will eventually be pretty good. But he's streaky now because he doesn't consistently take high percentage shots.
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