Let's Discuss Klay

Here is a snippet from Chris L's blog on the Warriors vs. Memphis game:

"Last night was Thompson’s most complete, best all-around game of the season, right? I doubt there will be any argument. He read the defense and pro-actively attacked when he should have attacked. He forced tempo, rebounded, defended, out-assisted his backcourt mates. When we question the maturity of his floor game, he shows up and plays a nearly flawless one. Judging by Thompson’s demeanor and efficiency alone, I couldn’t have told you when Tony Allen was or wasn’t in the game."

What do you all think about Klay? Bear in mind that he is still only a second-year player. Is it reasonable to expect perfection yet? What are reasonable expectations at this point, and how is he doing?

I have seen and heard many positive comments on his improved defense. When he is on, he is an incredible shooter. When he isn't, it is true that he doesn't fill up the scoresheet as much. Doubtless, he still has room for improvement. But does anyone seriously think he can be termed a bust, someone that the Warriors should look to move?
Posted by: KDP (428) on 13-01-11 03:32:36

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