Yep and I like the fact that he's does not take bad shots as does not have the mentality of a gunner

He's not trying to be "The Man" and trying to do it all on the offensive end. He's assimilating well and clearly has much more game then he displayed at UNC.

After all he was one of the top high school recruits coming in to college. If he keeps ascending he should be a very good player.

If the draft were held over he probably would go around #5.

1) A.Davis
2) Drummond
3) Lillard
4) MKG
5) Barnes
Posted by: U-Trains #116 (15553) on 13-01-11 03:24:22
In Reply to: The thing I like about Barnes more than anything else right now is that he competes posted by gsfanatic1 on 13-01-10 23:58:04

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